My name is Jessie Vukoson I am a designer/creative director with a passion for inspiration. Over the last 15 years I have diversified my skill set and know the ins and outs of exactly what it takes to run a successful creative operation. I am a detail-oriented multi-tasking genius, adobe illustrator and micron pens are my lifeblood, photoshop is my mistress, I enjoy mentoring & brainstorming with other creative minds and working with a team of creative like-minded folks. I am a self starter and also love working with clients to help their vision come to life. In my spare time painting with gouache on wood makes me tingle with joy, I love sewing, hand dying textiles, cooking seasonally, shaking a fancy cocktail, any sport that involves a board, and ofcourse drawing on and with just about anything (bar napkins, post-it notes, rusty old saws, bathroom walls, name it).

I would love to create custom allover prints, menus, business cards, logos, identity or packaging for you and your brand.  

Art is energy, and whether I am sitting in my studio or on my couch, I am always creating.

I am accepting new clients & freelance or full-time opportunities. Download resume pdf.